Lineal Transfer

Automatic assembly machine. Verification and packaging, cable, car brakes.

Assembly and component incorporation

Assembly and component incorporation in injecting machine.

FMS Line

Automatic line for domestic thermal – magnetic crate assembly.

Defined pipe

Automatic defined machine pipe intercooler part.

Threaded and thread verification

Automatic threaded and thread verification machine with automatic component supply.

Orbital riveting rotary

Semi-automatic orbital riveting machine with shifting control of “x” and “y” axis

Microfuge water tank

Rotary assembly machine and microfuge windscreen washer tank.

Rotary assembly motor cover

Máquina rotativa montaje verificación y etiquetado tapa motor.

Verification and hinge marked

Semi-automatic verification and hinge marked machine. Audi TT bonnet.

Testing brake machine

Verification and controlling machine of brake durability.

Robotized cell

Robotized assembly cell. Microfuge verification and flowmeter electric control cover.

Lineal transfer

Automatic fitting machine with plastic pipe and microfuge verification.